What began as a 1-time, 1-song moment during a morning service in 2018, has blossomed into something truly remarkable for us. Our history traces back to our youth, when we first began singing in concerts and services, in seperate Ministries.
Little did we know that God had a plan to unite the three of us as a Ministry team.

Kevin Bailey, Pam Hunter-Layne, and Patti Whitley-Miller comprise our team. Each of us was raised
in families where Gospel Music held great significance.  Our upbringing involved active participation in music ministries across the Pacific Southwest, instilling within us a profound love for Ministry through music, a passion that God has deeply rooted within each of our hearts

While Gateway does perform at various concert venues year-round, our primary passion lies in serving local church communities.  We believe through our music and personal testimonies, we can deeply connect with individuals, touching their hearts and leading them to a profound understanding of Salvation.  This calling drives us, as the rewards of witnessing spiritual transformations far outweigh fleeting applaus at concerts.

At Gateway, we endeavor to deliver a musical experience that encompasses a wide range of styles and genres.  With the musical preferences of churches constantly evolving, we are grateful for the opportunity to offer a diverse selection of music for our programs.  However, above all else, the message conveyed through our music remains paramount.  As a team, we meticulously examine the lyrics of each song to ensure their alignment with Scripture.  Our process is straightforward: If the lyrics do not uphold Biblical integrity, the song is not considered suitable for our Ministry.

We would be honored to share our music with you and are currently accepting bookings for Church Services, concerts, banquets, luncheons, and any other even you may be hosting

We genuinely hope for the opportunity to collaborate with you in the near future.


If you are interested in booking Gateway,  please contact us Here:

We would love to hear from you.