When we started Gateway, it was a combination of 4 soloists coming together to create a unique program of music. We like to feature our members and promote them individually as well as the group. As our family grows with more artists, we will continue to promote them and share their projects with you.

Heaven Shane.
Our newest member to the Gateway lineup is Heaven. Heaven’s singing will take you back to a time when singers did not rely on flashing lights, or fire, or any antics to get your attention. From the moment she starts a song, you are hooked on the beautiful country voice and the amazing message of the song she is sharing.

Gilbert Ramirez, Jr.
While you may know Gil mostly for his big bass voice filling out that quartet sound in Gateway, Gil also has a solo ministry and loves to present the Gospel through his music. We are always glad to showcase Gil’s solo work with songs like “This old house”, or King Jesus.

Kevin Bailey.
Whether singing in a quartet, trio, duet, or as a soloists, Kevin has a unique ability to step into that spot and feeling right at home. With his diverse musical background, and long history in Gospel Music, you will enjoy his relaxed presentation as he sings about the greatest message of all…Salvation.

Billy Graham.
Billy has a memorable name, as well as a memorable voice. Sounding very much like a young Elvis Presley, has utilizes the influences of many singers who he has enjoyed throughout his life and provides a great package in his messages of song.